My Story

I have always been a nurturer at heart and over the years have gained many skills in massage, both here in NZ and overseas. I also trained as a State Enrolled Nurse at The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne, nursing in elderly care and with cancer patients at The Royal Womens' Hospital.


At the age of 35 I attended Auckland University and three years later I sat my finals (eight months pregnant with my son) and gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology -- and became a Mum one month later! 


With the experience gained from that degree and my life experiences having taken an unexpected turn into motherhood, I decided to start coaching and wrote my own material and put together my motivation & ideas coaching sessions. I also started to write and in turn, published several children's books -- and to this day, writing is still very much a passion of mine. 

When my son first started school (he’s now 19 and in his second year of university), I wrote and published my first children's book, I Love Myself . 

My books are all written from the heart and designed to help remind children that they matter, because they do.

I have created two main book series: the ‘I Love’ series comprising of ‘I Love Myself, I Love My Family and I Love My Dog.

And the as yet unpublished magical ‘Oliver Blue’ series. A series that acts as a guide for children as they approach landmarks in their lives such as preparing for school, starting school and finding their place among their peers.


Oliver blue is an endearing teddy bear filled with the wonder of life and Morris, his constant companion, is a friendly native New Zealand owl full of wisdom and guaranteed to inspire any child.

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