A little about me...

Hi, I have always been a nurturer at heart and it gives me great pleasure to see my massage clients rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of their massage appointments.


Over the years have gained many skills in massage, both here in New Zealand and overseas making me the competent massage therapist that I am.


Gaining my Therapeutic Massage Certificate and then my nursing qualifications as a State Enrolled Nurse (at The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne), meant that to this day, client care and comfort is a priority.


Always being one to explore and further my education, at the age of 35 I attended Auckland University and three years later gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. 


I then went on to develop my own coaching program that I use in my coaching sessions with my clients today -- helping them to ignite and achieve their true potential.

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When my son first started school, I wrote and published my first children's book, I Love Myself . 

My books are all written from the heart and designed to help remind children that they matter, because they do.


I have created two main book series: the ‘I Love’ series comprising of ‘I Love Myself, I Love My Family and I Love My Dog.

And the as yet unpublished 10 part picture book series and I believe that it is because I believe so passionately in achieving my own dreams, that I have the ability to instill that same tenacity and 'can do' attitude with my clients...



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