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My goal with True Potential is to help people become the best version of themselves via the inspirational & educational books that I write, via the motivational & ideas coaching services on offer and via the divinely healing & unique relaxing massage sessions available.


I’ve been working as an intuitive massage therapist for over 30 years and love bringing a healing vibe to the sessions that I provide.


With regards to my writing, I had never planned on becoming an author. Though I had always been passionate about helping and inspiring others and through my own experiences as a parent, I saw the necessity to provide children with the tools they need to shine through adversity.


The motivational & ideas coaching is a combination of the things that I learned along the way to create a happy and fulfilled life.


So that's where the True Potential comes in -- a reminder for us all to keep on believing in our dreams, to live life  in an open-hearted way, to remain true to ourselves and live the best possible version of ourseves.

When my son first started school, (he’s 18 now), the idea to write what is now my first published book, I Love Myself sparked inside of me, and with some encouragement from a dear friend, I wrote it and copies have flown around the globe! I continue to write to this day and its one of my many passions. My books are all written from the heart to help inspire children to remember who they are at a soul level. Likewise, my adults book I Am That... I Am is written to remind us adults of the power that is contained within us. To choose that power wisely.

I have crafted two main concepts: the ‘I Love’ series comprising of ‘I Love Myself, I Love My Family and I Love My Dog which you can purchase here in pdf and ePUB format. I Love My Dog is also available in printed soft-cover format for your child to hold within their hands and turn the pages with you.

And the as yet unpublished magical & mystical ‘Oliver Blue’ series, is devised to act as a guide for children as they approach landmarks in their lives; such as preparing for school, starting school and finding their place among their peers. Oliver blue is an endearing teddy bear filled with the wonder of life and Morris, his constant companion, is a friendly native New Zealand owl full of wisdom and guaranteed to inspire any child.

As well as writing and working as a massage therapist I offer motivational & ideas coaching, helping people to bring their dreams to life. For more information click here.

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