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Angela is a highly experienced wonderful masseuse and I highly recommend her. Her sessions are healing and deeply calming. She is intuitive and able to release underlying tension. I really enjoyed the comforting atmosphere of her home massage room - Lauren Taylor 




Are you feeling tired and stressed more often than not? Are you chasing your tail and not sure which direction or step to take next? Perhaps even feeling too poor time to book your beautiful self in for a massage is counter-intuitive?


It doesn't take much for the stresses and strains of everyday life to catch up with us -- both emotionally and physically. And it might feel like too much of a stretch to take time out of your busy schedule to book a massage, but doing so, will bring you back to the present moment, to an aligned you. A moment where you get to be nurtured yourself. A session that will leave you feeling soul refreshed. 

True Potential Therapeutic & Healing Massage Therapy sessions, are deeply nurturing and combine acupressure and Swedish massage techniques to give you a deluxe and nurturing experience and are designed to align and bring you back to a true state of balance.

To be deeply nurtured, to escape from the pressures of everyday life for an hour is the gift to give to yourself.

Why not book yourself in for a divinely nurturing therapeutic massage -- a massage that will lift the stress from your shoulders and your body from top to toe, leaving you feeling more balanced than when you arrived. You are so worth it. To be deeply nurtured, to feel like you are in a cocoon, a world away from the worries and stresses of your everyday life, like a heart-centred person, is my aim for you.

Our home-based clinic on the North Shore in Bayswater, Auckland is a calming space prepared for you away from the 'outside' stresses and worries of everyday life. A place where YOUR tension and stress are released.

Let yourself be nurtured today... book yourself 'that' appointment that your body & soul is crying out for -- with over 30 years of massage experience (I'm qualified in therapeutic Swedish massage and acupressure point massage), you won't be disappointed.

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