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I Love Myself

"We found the book 'I Love Myself' a wonderful story that could be used in different ways and at all levels of the school. It also covers some of the expectations of the New Zealand


  Kauri Park School

"It's gorgeous; a fantastic little book and beautifully illustrated by little and big hands ― with some wonderful, wonderful messages there."


  Children's Television Presenter

 "It's a very safe way of encouraging children to explore different feelings. Children seem to understand and respond, they think of ways of dealing with the situations through the messages in this book."


  Montessori Preschool,

I Love My Dog

"Respect for animals is one of the lessons that children have to learn in life, in this story it is respect for dogs. And one of the ways this respect is additionally taught in this book is via the important section entitled Charlie's Safety Tips that educate the young reader on how to relate safely with dogs e.g. let a dog come to you, offer your hand and when you pat a dog stroke only the dog's chin, chest or shoulder - very wise as dogs are territorial and while we think we own a dog in fact the dog owns us and we are part of its territory."


  Bob Books

"I love my Dog" is a fantastic book which captures the essence of living with a dog in the form of beautiful drawings by young dog lovers themselves...

The pictures highlight in a fun way the importance of looking after your animal from the joy of giving your dog a bath to ensuring they get plenty of exercise.

Throughout the book you are reminded of the true blessings that dogs bring, "I love my dog" is a wonderful gets five woofs from me :)


  Doggy Dan,

  Professional dog trainer and behavioural specialist


I Love My Family - New Release!!!

 “This new book will positively assist children to celebrate and enjoy their relationship with each of their parents. Good family relationships and communication skills make a world of difference if tough times happen - and so does loving and being loved."


 Former Deputy Chief Executive

I Am That, I Am

"I love the content, the affirmations and the whole feeling which surrounds the book, it's a powerful gift for everyone who is receptive and for those who are searching for self-support, growth and understanding."


  Book Designer


“Truly magnificent Angela! Such a simple but beautiful idea, awesome."


  MT Design

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