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I Love Myself

 "I am delighted to have come across Angela's gorgeous self-published book, "I Love Myself". On reading it for the first time, I was immediately struck by how accurately Angela has identified the building blocks of a child's self-esteem, and addressed each one of them in a fun and accessible way. If that weren't enough, the illustrations are adorable and appropriate. You can't help but feel good when you read this book!"


  Television host,

I Love My Dog

"I love my Dog" is a fantastic book which captures the essence of living with a dog in the form of beautiful drawings by young dog lovers themselves... The pictures highlight in a fun way the importance of looking after your animal from the joy of giving your dog a bath to ensuring they get plenty of exercise. Throughout the book you are reminded of the true blessings that dogs bring, "I love my dog" is a wonderful gets five woofs from me :)


  Doggy Dan,

  Professional dog trainer and behavioural specialist


I Love My Family

 “This new book will positively assist children to celebrate and enjoy their relationship with each of their parents. Good family relationships and communication skills make a world of difference if tough times happen - and so does loving and being loved."


 Former Deputy Chief Executive

I Am That, I Am

"I love the content, the affirmations and the whole feeling which surrounds the book, it's a powerful gift for everyone who is receptive and for those who are searching for self-support, growth and understanding."


Book Designer


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