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* True Potential books, are books that speak to diversity, inclusiveness and books that teach children that they matter, because they do.

* True Potential books remind children of the magic and wonder of life and the importance of care for self and others, including our four-legged friend the dog -- this is what true potential books are about.

* All three book titles in the 'I Love' series are also available in EPUB and PDF format below + from Amazon in Kindle format

* I Love Myself, endorsed by a former Educational Minister, Chris Carter -- acknowledging that this book relates to key competenices around relating to self and others as outlined in the New Zealand school curriculum.

+ this resource is suitable in a class room setting for paired and classroom activity. + and is also available as a fundraiser for your school or charity. Please message us to find out more.

My educational books for children are a great asset to any classroom, library or home.

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This could be great for yourself, for a fundraiser for any school or charity.

+ positive messages are a pretty cool thing to share: