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Sparking your True Potential --

When we're in the zone of genius you'll be amazed at how much can get unearthed and sparked - leading you forward in the direction of your dreams.

*Ideas Coaching
*Mindset/Think Tank Collab
* Book Ideas Exploration
* Bringing your ideas to life
*Stepping into your best life.




Feeling stuck? Is life not taking you in the direction of your dreams? As a creative consultant, motivator, and mindset coach, I will help you move in a forward-thinking direction, inspiring you to take the next best steps with your life, your business, and your creative projects.

As an ideas person and intuitive, focusing on mindset, I love guiding people and inspiring them to be their best selves, helping them to live their dream lives. ​To walk beside you each step of the way with support is my aim.

I will be your accountability partner, helping you with mindset work and guiding you on how to bring your project to life. Think of me as your half-glass full person who will be in your corner, backing you all the way.

There is no reason you can't make a difference in the world with YOUR vision, YOUR dream. Let's find out where you are at right now and set a plan in motion to help bring it to life.

With a degree in Sociology and years of being a small business owner and successful self-published author, I will be by your side, actively listening, guiding, and helping you on your way towards your success, be it working on mindset and aligning this with your dreams, motivation or helping to bring your book idea to print. Are you ready?

NB: Pricing is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).


"I am so happy I reached out to Angela, when I was looking for advice about publishing my children’s story. She has so much knowledge about the whole process from writing to publishing, and she is happy to share it. Even though I only had one session with Angela, she taught me some guidelines for writing, which lead me to do a rewrite that I believe, made my story stronger. She is such kind and patient soul and with all the information that she shared with me, she helped set me on my path to publishing, and I am so grateful to her for that."


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