Motivation & Ideas Coaching Sessions 

Are you feeling overwhelm?

Are you feeling stuck and unsure as to what is needed to get the wheels moving in a forward direction with regards to your aspirations?

Are you feeling like a hamster, treading that rollercoaster again, experiencing highs one minute, lows the next?


If you answered yes, then you may want to say yes to a motivation & ideas session so that you can find your true north, instead of letting emotions override you.

I will be that person in your corner, cheering you on -- your very own support person, that is not a 'well meaning' friend or family member telling you to get a 'real job'. I will be the one telling you that there is no reason why you wouldn't be achieving your dream and living your best life.


Lets find out where you are at right now and work on what it is that you are truly seeking. No dream is to big or to small. Your piece of the jig saw puzzle that you bring to this world, matters.

With a degree in Sociology, as an intuitive and a published author, I am more than happy to offer support by being by your side: actively listening, guiding and helping you on your way and taking you through processes that will see you living your life from a glass half full point of view.

Take the first step and book your session today!

“True Potential - moving forward in the direction of your dreams." ~ Angela Smith


"At the time that I started seeing Angela for coaching I was seeking something more for my life, but I didn't quite know what that looked like or how to make it happen. Coaching with Angela gave me that 'know how'. It allowed me to step into a place of courage and the true me started to shine in the world. As it happens, I literally ended up travelling the world, meeting my life partner and embracing the life work that makes my heart sing. Angela is a genius coach: effective, intuitive, practical and kind. Seek her out like I did and you'll be glad that you did, and your life will change!"