'I Love' Children's eBook Series


‘I Love’ is an inspiring book series for children between age 3-8 (read alone or read to).


I Love Myself explores self-worth and confidence issues that arise in everyday life. Featuring affirmative messages inspiring a positive growth mindset, and questions to strengthen resilience and self-love within them.


I Love My Family assists children to celebrate and enjoy their relationship with their families in tough times and in good. Good family relationships and communication skills make a world of difference in tough times - and so does loving and being loved.


I Love My Dog is a 'must-have' book for any dog owner, child or school who wants to learn how to stay safe around dogs. It teaches children how to love, care and respect their furry friends and features Charlie's Safety Tips at the back so that your child knows how to be safety conscious around the dogs at home and most importantly, dogs they don’t know.


Written by Angela Smith and Illustrated by many big and little hands.


File Format: EPUB



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