Motivation & Ideas Coaching

We all have potential within us: a spark, an idea that is waiting to burst forth. For this to happen we need courage, action and  strength -- attributes that can often seem easier said than done!


Success has a way of demanding grit, stick-ability. It will demand that every fiber of our being be on board with the changes required to bring forth that which we are destined to share with the world. And that it the crux of why it is necessary to have a motivator by your side, an ideas person thinking alongside you.

You see, no matter how great our idea or our talent, there will be many times when you will lose your confidence, your self belief and your way. It will feel as if you have had the wind knocked out of your sails over and over again.

Allow me to help unlock the true potential within you by providing you encouragement and guidance. Whether you’re trying to improve your personal or professional life, a motivational & ideas coach can provide you with the strategies and support you need to succeed. Sessions can be done online or face to face.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward, all you need to do is take the first step.

Take the first step and book a session today

“Sometimes the people with the greatest potential often take the longest to find their path because their sensitivity is a double-edged sword – it lives at the heart of their brilliance, but it also makes them more susceptible to life’s pains. Good thing we aren’t being penalized for handing in our purpose late. The soul doesn’t know a thing about deadlines.” ~ Jeff Brown


"At the time that I started seeing Angela for coaching I was seeking something more for my life, but I didn't quite know what that looked like or how to make it happen. Coaching with Angela gave me that 'know how'. It allowed me to step into a place of courage and the true me started to shine in the world. As it happens, I literally ended up travelling the world, meeting my life partner and embracing the life work that makes my heart sing. Angela is a genius coach: effective, intuitive, practical and kind. Seek her out like I did and you'll be glad that you did, and your life will change!"


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