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Welcome to True Potential -

a space created to nurture & bring out the best in you via our therapeutic massage sessions and one-to-one visionary coaching and, our uplifting books.

Our range of books of children's books has been created to let children know that they matter and that it is ok to embrace their unique selves. For children to know that they are lovable is ultra important to us.

The words in our teen-adult book range focus on encouraging the reader to live a heart-led and dream-fuelled life, with our Stepping into Love - a journey to self-healing book recently awarded a gold medal book for its wisdom and knowledge. We invite you to check it out.


Therapeutic massage sessions:

"Best massage I've had - Angela didn't give me a cookie-cutter massage, she gave me the massage that best suited my body. Using a range of techniques, I left feeling much better than when I arrived and that feeling lasted for a couple of days. She was able to release my extremely tight shoulders and neck and this helped with my sleep. Highly recommend!"

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Shop nurturing & uplifting books for all ages:

* Our children's books focus on increasing self-esteem and self-worth.


* They are used in schools worldwide and tied with the NZ school curriculum's key competencies around self and others.

* Our Stepping into Love book series for teenagers-adult is an international award-winning series that focuses on well-being; boundary setting, mindfulness, and insight to help the reader feel confident enough to live their best lives.

* All books are available directly from the massage room, online from our books page, or Amazon.


*  Head to our books page to find out more.

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