A little about me...

Throughout the years I have worked and trained both as a massage therapist and as an enrolled nurse over in Melbourne, Australia.


Nurturing and caring is what I do best and this is why I offer you the services that I do. 


Wanting to further my education, at the age of 35, I attended Auckland University and three years later gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, including completing several papers in psychology, giving me a greater depth and understanding of the human psyche.


These skills enabled me to develop a mindset coaching program that I use with my clients today -- helping them ignite and achieve their true potential and bring their dream to life.

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 Way Back When...


Alongside my massage work, when my son first started school, I wrote and published my first children's book, I Love Myself  and I still write continue to write and publish my books to this day. Writing and sharing positive messages, and instilling a greater sense of self-worth in our young, is one of my passions.


Writing Projects: the ‘I Love’ series comprising of ‘I Love Myself', 'I Love My Family' and 'I Love My Dog'.

The as yet unpublished 10 part picture book series 'Oliver Blue', currently in the developmental stage to come to life via an animated series with the first picture book in this series set for release in 2022.

Please also look out for my new and fun series, Priscilla and her farmyard animal friends -- a series about friendship and inclusion - where no-one gets left behind. The first book in this four-part series is currently being illustrated and is due for release April 2022.

Divine feminine poetry is available to purchase on request.