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A little about me...

At my core, I am a nurturer, a healer, and an intuitive -- and I like to believe that I bring these traits to my massage work; my ideas coaching sessions, and the books that I write - always wanting to uplift and inspire you to live your best life and love yourself just that little bit more.

Having formerly trained and worked as a nurse, I understand the ethics around client care and confidentiality. I also hold a degree in sociology and I am a trained Seasons Growing Through Grief practitioner - qualifications which I believe influence the sessions that I offer by way of added compassion and care.

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 Way Back When...


Alongside my massage work, when my son first started school, I wrote and published my first children's book, I Love Myself and I still continue to write and publish my books to this day. Writing and sharing positive messages, and instilling a greater sense of self-worth in our young, is in my DNA.

Writing Projects: the I Love series comprising I Love Myself, I Love My Family and I Love My Dog are available from the books page on this website and in the Kindle version, from Amazon.

An as-yet-unpublished 10-part picture book series, Oliver Blue™ is currently in the developmental stage and is to come to life via an animated series. The first picture book in this series is currently being illustrated and is set for release in late 2023.

Priscilla Takes Flight is the first story from the Priscilla & Friends series and has recently been released. This story is about friendship, fun, and inclusion, where no one gets left behind.

I Am Me Unique & Free - a book about resiliency and self-esteem for littles is another recent release, adored by many.


My entertaining rhyming book, think Hairy Maclary style, There's a Mouse in the House is available directly here and also on Amazon.

I'm excited to announce that 'Stepping Into Love - a journey to self-healing' motivational book is now available to purchase directly from the books page here on this website, and from Amazon. The companion guide & workbook will be available from the 11th of October. To preorder your copy, click here.


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