I Love My Dog Printed Book

I Love My Dog Printed Book


I Love My Dog was inspired by a short haired German pointer, called Bailey who lived across the road from my son and I. She was such a beautiful girl who tought us that regular walks were a must!  That she would lap through a ton of water after those walks and want more! And the more we spent time with her, the messages for this book were born!


This enjoyable book is a 'must-have' book for any dog owner, child or school who wants to learn how to stay safe around dogs.


With its fun conversation openers via the messages found on each page it teaches children how to love, care and respect our furry friend the dog and even how to approach those that you don't know.


Includes the Charlie's Safety Tips and a double page spread that can be photocopied for children to create their very own picture.


Illustrated by children for children this book can be enjoyed by children on their own or can be a 'read to me' book.


Suitable for ages 3-8 years or the inner child within us all. 


File Format: Printed Picture Book - soft cover.