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Your Stepping into Love Workbook - PDF - NZD Pricing

Your Stepping into Love Workbook - PDF - NZD Pricing


We are so excited to offer you this fillable PDF where you can directly write on the form electronically or print it off and write on the document. Please note that you will need to manually move your cursor to each new line to fill that in.


This Your Stepping into Love Workbook contains exercises and journal prompts designed to increase soul expansion while allowing you to access and embrace the dreams you have for yourself.


The meditation and guided visualization exercises have been created to take you back to the heart of you. To the ‘you’ that knows. To the ‘you’ that believes in your dreams; to the you that trusts those intuitive nudges and believes that you are part of the greater whole of life, connected to divinity, and meant to be here, fully expressed.


If you feel drawn to leave your mark on the world in a way that contributes to future generations, then let this guide be your diving board from which to leap and impact others at the highest level


Pricing is in New Zealand dollars $16.50 which = USD 9.99.




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