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Igniting the spark of true potential in you via:
*Motivational Guidance

*Therapeutic Massage &
*Uplifting Children's Books.

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I'm Your Creativity & Motivational Guidance Coach & I Look Forward to Welcoming YOU.

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Creativity Coaching Sessions -
igniting the spark of true potential in you.
Therapeutic Massage.
Motivational Children's Books.


True Potential Creativity Coaching Sessions & Mindfulness are designed to bring out the very best in you.


I believe that we each have a spark of true potential inside us waiting to be sparked.


Once this spark is ignited we begin to live our best lives. A life where we are forward focussed in the directions of our dreams.


Let me be your guiding light in a time where it is sometimes hard to find that spark.


In person 'walk and talk -- along the beach sessions. Local to me. Or if you are not local, then your session will be via Zoom.


There is no time like the present, so let's get started today?

My Books

I encourage and inspire children to care and love themselves via my wellness books. These books align with the NZ school curriculum as set out by the MOE and their key competencies around relating to self and others.

Contact Details

24 Roberts Avenue,

Bayswater, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

+64 27800 0358