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Welcome to True Potential -
therapeutic massage; coaching and books -
sparking the true potential in you.


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Massage - what people are saying:

"Best massage I've had - Angela didn't give me a cookie-cutter massage, she gave me the massage that best suited my body. Using a range of techniques, I left feeling much better than when I arrived and that feeling lasted for a couple of days. She was able to release my extremely tight shoulders and neck and this helped with my sleep. Highly recommend!"


Our Points of Difference:

* We focus 100% on your wellbeing

* You will be massaged with high-quality oil-infused

with pure essential oils

* Creating a tranquil and calm massage space for

you are a top priority for us.


* Your massage concludes with a ten-minute neck

and scalp massage to ensure your ultimate relaxation.

* Daytime, evening, and weekend availability.

* Off-street parking.


* Online booking system.


* eGift Card Purchasing.

True Potential Books:

True Potential 'wellness' books come from the heart and are created to bring out the best in any adult or child.


Head to the book section on this site to check out our range of children's and adult books available, or, to the Amazon Author page to see the True Potential books available there.

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